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Robotic Rehab is a state-of-the-art Prosthetic and Orthotic clinic committed to provide international quality Prosthesis, Orthosis and Mobility-Aid solutions to people with disabilities"

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An  external device  that, substitutes for  a missing part of the limb either in cosmetics or function or both.



Orthotics, commonly called braces/callipers, are devices used to correct, support or replace musculoskeletal functions lost or impaired as a result of injury or congenital irregularity. They are also used for prevention of deformities. At ROBOTICREHAB we use the latest in

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Our clinicians are experienced, qualified and passionate to help patients lead a better quality of life. Simply put, we customize treatment for patients to help them reach their goals according to their needs and comfort. Our Mission is to provide

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Patient Stories & Testimonials

Excellent service provided by Robotic RehabTeam, I would highly recommend the disabled community to avail the services. I met with an accident & lost my leg from below knee. My Doctor asked me to visit Robotic Rehab and fitted with below knee prosthesis. After using the leg was very comfortable and came back to normal life. So I am very much thankful to Robotic Rehab and the DR. who sent me the right place.

Vijay Kumar Prosthesis 2019