Why do I have pain in my residual limb? What can I do about it?

Different types of pain can occur in a residual limb after an amputation. These can include, among other things, bone pain, wound pain, nerve pain or phantom pain.

The pain is treated correspondingly depending on the cause (for example, with medication, heat/cooling, or residual limb bandaging).

How do I know if this system is right for me?

Your conversations and goal setting with your prosthetist will drive the decision about which system will best support your activities.

How long will my prosthesis last? Will I require any new ‘parts’?  When will I require a new artificial limb?

In general, if the socket of your artificial limb fits well and you’re not having any difficulties, then you don’t require a new prosthesis. You will likely, however, need new liners or limb socks on a regular basis.

Where can I get shoes to fit over the brace?

Shoes are available to fit over the brace. Often you will have to go up one shoe size from the original size your child was wearing.

Will my insurance cover this device?

The answer to this question depends upon your insurance plan, the device needed and your diagnosis. Depending upon your insurance, you may have a deductible, copay or a percentage of the total cost that you will be responsible for paying.

How long will it take for me to receive my device?

– Custom devices and special orders take approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the design and components selected.
– Off the shelf, prefabricated devices may be delivered the same day if we have them in stock.

How much does the device cost?

Once you are evaluated and the full scope of the device is determined by the clinician, we will have a clearer picture of the price. We are very competitive in our pricing and assure you the best price for a quality product.